Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hot Sunday

Went out for a birthday party AND a dinner party yesterday night. NO ALCOHOL! I probably didn't have as much fun as everybody else but I got rewarded this morning. My long run for 8 miles was better than last week. Still far from fun though. A muscle below my butt started hurting right from the beginning. After I had gotten used to it my right knee bothered me. Got used to that too. Then all of a sudden my left toes felt like burning on fire. Somewhat I finished the last mile. Uphill. Butt still hurts. Ate tons of pasta for the last two days to load up on carbs. Ronald said that my legs look big... hmm. Doesn't sounds very flattering. But no wonder! I increased my weekly milage from easy 10 miles to challenging 26 miles. Good feelings overall.

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